"BNI was my first formal networking experience, and was so different than I expected....everyone is relaxed and friendly yet very professional. Every meeting brings something new, and I always come away on a Friday morning feeling positive and ready for a great day"
Maggie Davis, Team Breakthrough
"BNI is great! I've been involved as a member now for more than eight years & the reason I keep going each week is because BNI continues to produce new business opportunities for me, over and over again. As a bonus, I've also met some great people at BNI.. you really should give it a try.."
Stuart Gilbert, Whole of Market Mortgage Advice
"Not only is Parade Chapter a very supportive group and a growing source of business referrals, but – perhaps more importantly – the weekly discipline of preparing for my 60 second or 10 minute presentations, and the regular 121 meetings with Chapter members, has forced me to think deeply about what exactly I’m offering."
Peter Quintana, Business consultant
"There is nothing quite like the feeling of pride and acceptance when receiving a testimonial from a BNI Parade member or someone they’ve introduced you too. It’s liberating."
Andy Vernon, Web Design and Online Marketing, Created in Bath Ltd
"Referrals have always been a significant part of our business development process. Since joining BNI, our referral marketing results have improved immeasurably and now form by far the largest contributor to our new business sales. The group of people I have had the pleasure to meet at BNI Parade have been amazing. They are supportive not only in helping me to find new business but with any general areas of business in which I need advice and support; there's always someone willing to help."
Peter Wordley, Telecoms and Hosting
"People don't simply choose businesses to work with, they choose PEOPLE. BNI provides a weekly and comfortable environment to get to know other local business people who are PASSIONATE about their business, and that passion is infectious. BNI works really well for Ideas of the Mind, our ROI for from BNI has exceeded our expectations. And it's fun!"
Wayne Lindsay, Graphic Design & Branding Agency, Ideas of the Mind Ltd.
"When I first joined BNI, I was new to St James’s Place and wondering where I’d find new clients and how I’d show the other members they’d be able to refer me with confidence. But after a few weeks it became clear that everyone at BNI Parade would help me all the way. I’ve found the them to be constantly welcoming, supportive, encouraging and friendly. So this is a little ‘Thank you’ to the ‘team’ for all your support in helping me settle into the BNI way, my business is growing because of it and hopefully I’m helping yours to do the same too."
Chris Pugh, Christopher Pugh Wealth Management
"Effective Networking creates opportunities. BNI Parade members are skilled in opening doors to and for businesses who offer good services and products. "
Andy Vernon, Web Design and Online Marketing, Created in Bath Ltd
"I joined BNI in October 2010 and would highly recommend applying for membership. Meeting each week with such a focused, friendly and supportive group of professionals has helped motivate and inspire me. In addition BNI has also provided some exciting new opportunities for future business. This isn’t so much networking, as developing close relationships with a group of respected senior colleagues."
Nicole Bowman, Nicole Bowman Training & Development
"Belonging to a worldwide referral organisation such as BNI has opened doors for me, giving me the training and tools to be a more effective ambassador for my business. Being trained on how to make the right first impression even when I’ve had the briefest of opportunities is invaluable."
Andrew Pratt, Mortgage Consultant, Rosemount Mortgage
"I’ve been a member of BNI Parade for a year and a half and during that time the group has been invaluable to me. As a new business I knew I was great at what I did, but not so great at the business perspective. BNI helped me to develop and grow my business in many ways, from tips and hints on how to progress, through to having a whole sales team at my fingertips for generating new business."
Sarah Morris, Events Planner, Sarah’s wedding services
"During my first four months at BNI Parade, the mindset, free training and example set by my colleagues have taken my business to a new level. As well as an expanded contact sphere, new friends and supportive teammates, the result has been some good quality referrals which will boost my bottom line, making my membership a sound investment."
Ian Adkins, Coaching and Leadership, Futures by Design
"BNI Parade has brought me together with a great group of like-minded business people, who have given me tremendous business support. And with everyone out looking for business opportunities for me it’s like having my own Sales Force."
Andrew Pratt, Mortgage Consultant, Rosemount Mortgage
"BNI Parade is not just a good source of business – it’s also a great way to continue your personal development. When you are self-employed, this becomes very important."
Peter Quintana, Business consultant
"I’ve been a member at BNI Parade since 2008 and I have absolutely no hesitation in renewing my membership. Like many small businesses my marketing budget has been limited to say the least, but making BNI an integral part of my business plan has paid great dividends, not only in terms of revenue but also the great business contacts I’ve made."
Andrew Pratt, Mortgage Consultant, Rosemount Mortgage
"I have found the people at BNI Parade to be supportive, friendly and helpful when it comes to helping me promote my business. The format of the meetings is conducive to learning a little each week about everyone else’s core business. I would not hesitate to recommend this group to any small business looking to grow."
Jan Lockett, House of Colour
"BNI Parade members re-ignite the drive for success and passion for the business that they provide and that of their fellow members. Parade is the caffeine boost that no coffee or energy drink can provide. "
Andy Vernon, Web Design and Online Marketing, Created in Bath Ltd
"BNI Parade is a strong, dynamic, friendly and extremely profession group of people. They have made me feel at ease and given me the self-assurance to stand in front of strangers and describe our business and, when networking, not only to speak confidently about our own business, but theirs too."
Alison Treble, Mia’s Magic Wedding & Event Childcare
"To begin with you may worry about the cost, the commitment and the image that BNI may have, but I can guarantee that the cost when you put it against other advertising is worth it, the commitment becomes pleasure to meet up with everyone every week and the image – yes BNI is professional, yes there is routine, an agenda and rules to abide by, but with the people you meet, the connections you make, business referrals you give and are given, it is worth it."
Alison Treble, Mia’s Magic Wedding & Event Childcare
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Meeting Details
Time: 6.45 - 9am
Venue: Bath Golf Club
Golf Course Road
Bath BA2 6JG
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Cost: Ł12 (inc breakfast)